We exist for one reason.
to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children with critical illnesses

Granted Wishes

Volunteers FAQ's

Thank you so much for showing an interest in becoming a Make-A-Wish® volunteer. On this page, we hope to answer some questions you may have about volunteering with the Foundation.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of the Make-A-Wish<sup>&reg;</sup> Foundation. Only through the hard work and commitment of volunteers is the Make-A-Wish<sup>&reg;</sup> Foundation able to continue granting wishes to children with a life-threatening medical conditions and we&#39;d love your help to achieve our goals. Our volunteers comprise people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, life-stages, professions, gender, and marital status. The thing they all share in common is a desire to help other people.

If you want to help others in your community then why not volunteer some of your time to help the Make-A-Wish<sup>&reg;</sup> Foundation continue to bring magic and joy into the lives of children with a life-threatening medical conditions and their families.

What does volunteering do for you?

In helping The Make-A-Wish® Foundation carry out its special work you will be...

  • Sharing in the power of a wish – experiencing the uniqueness of bringing back a smile to the face of a child with a life threatening medical condition.
  • Contributing to the community, which brings a sense of worth to you and to the children and families you are helping.
  • Developing personal skills.
  • Making new friends.
  • Having fun.
What does volunteering do for us?

In helping the Make-A-Wish® Foundation you allow us to...

  • Grant wishes to special children all over the UAE.
  • Take the magic and joy of the Foundation into the homes and lives of a children with life threatening medical conditions.
  • Raise valuable funds.
  • Spread the word of our good work to increase public awareness about the Foundation, its services and needs.
  • Ensure a more cost-effective service, making best use of funds available.
  • Gain from your enthusiasm, ideas and new perspective.
What can you do?

By becoming a volunteer with the Make-A-Wish Foundation you become our ‘partner’ in bringing excitement and relief, if only for a short time, into the life of a child with a life-threatening medical conditions . Sometimes their wish is the only positive-thing the child has to look forward to.

The most important skill you'll need to be a volunteer is enthusiasm and a willingness to be involved. Make-A-Wish volunteers also require a genuine empathy for the families they meet and a respect for confidentiality. You’ll also be involved in exciting fundraising activities and passing on the great news about the work of the Foundation to family, friends and the community.

How do you volunteer?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and would like more information please download the application form here or call 02-666-51-44 / 04-358-92-00 or send an e-mail to info@makeawish.ae for more information.